Sky Carriage Calpheon -> AltiNova -> Valencia

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Sky Carriage Calpheon -> AltiNova -> Valencia

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2019.06.19, 07:18

Found some time required to waste on this trip. Thought about doing it over and over again, during different stages of the day/night cycle, for a good video montage, but I quickly abandoned the idea after the first trip, as it would take me quite a while to just record it. Sky Carriage (Hot air balloon) doesn't seem to serve any significant purpose, other than romance (it can transport 2 players) and/or shooting video/taking ss. There might be a rare occasional use of it for new players, experienced in other games, to visit Valencia, omitting desert debuffs, for some related event. Other than that - it can be used to AFK-transport alts from/to Valencia, when needed, albeit at a cost (requires 1 Black Stone for 1 trip).

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