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Postby KAMIKADzE » Sat 2016.06.25, 23:21

1)Why custom license?
If you know some good alternative that will cover all that in a better way (better for both sides of course) - let me know.

2)Can I share this program with others?
Depends on how you want to do that. If you want to share it with your friends simply give them link to related thread or official DDL. In case your friend/relative stays offline and can't get it in the aforementioned way, or has some very restrictive bandwidth caps, or simply sits right besides you - feel free to share it in a form of installation file, this is not mentioned in the license, but I'll never try to claim anything from you in such cases. As for the other ways - most likely no (check FAQ#16 for an example), in this license you agree to pay me $$$ if you'll do so, but you can always try to ask me about your specific case and I might permit you to.

3)Can I crack, modify, decompile, rent, sell, etc. etc. this program?
No, such actions are prohibited. In this license you agree to pay me $$$ if you'll do so.

4)Can I use cracked, modified, etc. version of your program?
No, such actions are prohibited. In this license you agree to pay me $$$ if you'll do so.

5)What if I want to sue you for using my icons or other files?
It would be easier for both of us if you could just contact me and provide a valid proof of ownership of those files, tell me the reason of your decision and I'll surely remove them from my program. But if you want to go the hard way then make sure to read the license from the start to the end, as you may end up paying for my expenses, lawyer, time and more.

6)What if I want to sue you for some other reason?
You could at least contact me before that and tell the reason for such actions. Also make sure to read the license from the start to the end, as you may end up paying for my expenses, lawyer, time and more.

7)You don't allow to decompile Launcher and don't release its source code, how can I trust your software?
You don't need to - restrict it as much as you want (of course, depending on your restrictions, it will loose some functionality). Other than that feel free to take a look on its code, by decompiling it and doing whatever else that you want, to make sure that it's safe for you, it's not like I'll ever know about it, unless you're going to tell me. You can even publish some sort of public audit, and if you'll feel unsafe doing so - contact me and I can give you written permission to do so, but you should remember that you're not allowed to publish the code itself or files included in the program (excluding 3rd party ones, that I don't own, those have their own licenses).

8)Will you go open-source?
Most likely no, unless you're going to donate me some descent amount of money, or a group of people will be willing to do so (contact me if you'll be interested in doing so). That said, if I'll have a hard time in my life and I will not be able to update it at all - then I might go open-source just for the sake of community, disclosing code completely or partially under something similar to BSD license.
I initially did want to include death-related clause, but then I came to conclusion that someone will definitely try to say that I'm dead and will want some proof from me that I'm still alive...

9)I want to use some part of your program in mine. Can I do so?
No, as I already mentioned - such actions are prohibited. In this license you agree to pay me $$$ if you'll do so. That said, I can give you some parts of it under some less restrictive license, of course not for free. Also in case you'll want to use some 3rd party files - refer to their own license, I don't own them. Also as an exception - you can use code used to get files from BDO client at your own risk, I don't give you any permissions to, but I also won't sue you for it (that doesn't include any code that works with those files afterwards, so I basically keep the rights to sue you for copypasting my BDO Patcher part of the program without my consent), it's not like I've come up with it - PA did.

10)Why so many things are prohibited, are you going to sue everyone?
Of course not. Those are there mainly to cover myself from an average Joe trying to make money by suing me. Also those are there to make sure that no one is going to make money out of my code, that I've spent days upon days to code, without my consent. That said, I keep the rights to sue you if you'll brag to be an owner of Launcher, or use some part of my software in your product without my consent, etc. etc. So for example if you'll take some part of my program and then make millions on it - be ready to pay me $$$.

11)Is there something I should be aware of, if I'm just an average user without some bad/shady intents?
Yes. In this license you agree to not publicly display this software and to not run telling every owner of 3rd party files, used in this software, to sue me. Basically if I'll get into trouble due to your actions and the guy/company that will sue me will somehow avoid paying my expenses, etc. etc. - be ready to take responsibility with your wallet.

12)What 3rd party files your program includes? Can I use them?
First of all those are prerequisites, which ships with installation - they are mentioned during installation process and you can also find their mentioning in the "Download Launcher" thread. Secondly those are libraries or some codes - they are mentioned in the License along with their licenses. And finally some icons/images - most of those are either without license or under the license that gives no permit to sell them or brag to be their owner (theoretically I could try to remember where I've got them, but you're better off searching their origin yourself, in case you would want to use them in your project, for example their owner could change the license meantime, so you might get into trouble), few of them were drawn by me or for me (it will be quite hard and complicated to remember who did what, so I wouldn't recommend to use them in your projects, but I won't sue you for using those), and the rest ones are from games, some of which were given for fan-sites/projects, some not (use those at your own risk).

13)Do you give any warranty?
Of course not. Why would you expect that from a software bought for 0$ (aka free)? Moreover I'm not responsible for any damages made by this software, etc. etc. (read License for the full list of those) and it is provided under an AS-IS basis and without any support, updates or maintenance (not that I'm not going to, I just can't be forced to).

14)What about privacy?
Basically I take privacy very seriously and I'll never try to sell any personal data provided by you (as for non-personal ones, oh I don't know..., if someone will pay me 1000$ for knowing what Windows version my userbase is using, or something like that, then I might sell it, of course without personalizing you in any way). I'm not going to collect your data "Microsoft-style", any data that I'll get will be sent by you personally (errors, etc.) or by some feature in a program (if there will be any automated data-sending features or buttons for such purpose in the future - all of them will be off by default, and I'll do my best to worn you about their actions). That said - you should understand that any data floating through internet is at a risk, even if it is encrypted and password-protected, so I'll not be liable in case someone will intercept and decode it or something like that.
If you want to be 100% sure that no one will ever get any of your data, be it personal or non-personal - make sure that your computer is perfectly protected, don't use any network-related feature in this program, and don't send any error reports, etc. to me. You can also safely restrict network access to this program, just in order to be sure.
I'd also recommend to read, at the very least, the License's Consent to Use of Data and Privacy sections.

15)It sounds so bad, should I even try to use this software?
The choice is up to you of course. If you don't have any bad/shady intents and don't want to make money on my software - you should be fine. You've more than likely agreed to worse licenses during your lifetime, it's just that I try to make it as clear and understandable as I can, unlike most software owners. It would be easier to sue me for something in this forum rather than Launcher, in case someone would desperately want to, and I run it without troubles for years, with some downtimes unrelated to legal stuff :D (though I have experienced quite a few false claims of my YouTube videos content)

16)Can I share it with my friend in a portable form?
No, as I've mentioned in FAQ#2 - you can do that only in a form of installation file under certain conditions, that's in order to make sure that your friend accepts the license, otherwise you will be held responsible for his/her actions, in case something happens, so you're interested in it more than I am. If your friend just wants to use it from a flash drive or something - he/she can do so after installation, if he/she so desire.

17)Can I use it as a portable program?
Nothing prevents you to, but it might loose some Windows-integration functionality and will still require prerequisites to be installed on each and every PC that you will use it on. Also depending on your usage case you might want to read License itself prior to that.

18)Will you release it in a portable (archived) form?
No. Briefly walk through other questions in this FAQ if you want to know why.

19)How can I patch BDO KR/JP client?
Short guide for newbs on how to patch your client can be found THERE.

20)Where can I read about advanced BDO patching, mods, using other translations, etc.?

21)How can I update base BDO translation?
As of now there are no auto-updates or related notifications, so you'll need to download and replace the base translation manually. For my JP translation - HERE, for KR - THIS and THAT.

22)Where can I get RAW BDO KR/JP?
THERE you can read how to get RAW KR/JP.

23)Where can I get BDO KR/JP EN patch in archive form?
JP patch in zip form (reddit-style).
KR patch in zip form (reddit-style).

24)How can I stay in touch with Launcher updates?
The easiest way would be to register on the forum and subscribe to Download Launcher thread, in that case you'll be automatically notified depending on your board notification options (notification/email). Alternatively you can add that thread to your browser favorites/quick access/speed dial and check it from time to time.
Starting from Launcher v0.6d you can turn on auto-check of Launcher updates on the program startup, or check it manually from the program menu.

25)Can you explain the current process of BDO KR/JP patch updates? Will you keep it updated as fast as it was previously?
If you're not interested in Launcher then first of all check out FAQ#23. I'll try to keep JP patch updated, but most likely a bit slower than it was previously, since if it is urgent to you then you can always start using Launcher. As for the KR: since I don't have KR client and I never had - it was always dependent on KR volunteers and will be so in the future as well, so you're really better off using Launcher.
If you're using Launcher, or plan to, then check out FAQ#19,20,21,22. I see that many of you are getting confused at first, regarding Launcher update, patch updated, etc., while using Launcher. I'll try to clarify things a little bit for you in this way:
  • You no longer need to wait for patch update in order to patch your KR/JP client after the client update.
  • JP one-click patching is currently dependent on my JP translation (you can use some other translation or mix-match tons of them, check out FAQ#20 for more details).
  • KR one-click patching is currently dependent on my JP translation and KR mod (you can use some other translation or mix-match tons of them, check out FAQ#20 for more details).
  • JP translation updates, KR mod updates and Launcher updates aren't tied together and shouldn't be confused for being the same thing. For the relevant threads with their updates check out FAQ#21 and FAQ#24 respectively.
  • Latest launcher version will have the latest available JP translation and KR mod shipped alongside with it, at that specific time. Currently there are no auto-updates, but they will be added in one of the future Launcher versions, both for the Launcher itself and for translations.
  • New strings will not break current translation/patch. That means that most of the time you'll have no problems updating your patch independently of translation updates.
  • Sometimes developers can change already existing strings in a way that it will cause problems with current translation/patch. The best example would be the change of quests in KR client, which happened not so long ago. In such cases try to notify me about the problem and I'll update KR mod with help of KR volunteers, as for the JP translation - I'll fix it myself as soon as I'll spot any issues. From the Launcher v0.6 there is a way to quickly check the differences between quests in translation and RAW files, which could cause problems. I might add a couple of other similar functions in the future.
  • In one of the future Launcher versions I'll add more versatile way of creating translations, which will support Regex and many other things. It will be harder to create, but it will be aware of changes in RAW files (depending on the author), effectively making it error-prone, if done well, and things like number changes in skills will get automatically updated (if omitted from translation).
  • Even with most advanced and self-aware translation you'll still need to update Launcher/translation from time to time, as developers sometimes change Table names, Column names, Data layout. I will also add the possibility to configure Table names and Column names in the future, so that you'll be able to fix it all by yourself, but with the data layout, in most cases, it won't be possible (I'll need to update Launcher).

26)Will you improve Launcher? Will you add XYZ feature?
Yes it will be improved. You should understand though, that I can't spend a lot of time on it and it will improve slowly over time. Follow THIS thread for new Launcher improvements (you can read them in Changelog that you can find in the first post). Planned improvements/features you can find out THERE. Usually I don't give any ETA on improvements/features/fixes as I have no idea when I'll have free time to work on it (it's not my job and I get no revenue from it, since it is totally free for you, so deal with it). If you want to suggest features not mentioned in that thread - use appropriate forum sections:
If you'll post it in non-appropriate section then I might move it to the appropriate section or delete it (especially if you'll keep doing so).

27)Can you add RU translation for every client and ship it with Launcher?
Like seriously...I can't even find the time to finish the EN translation...Launcher doesn't require translation to be mine in order for it to work.

28)"I have a problem with Launcher", "Launcher doesn't start", "I got error", etc. etc.
First of all - be ready to send me logged errors from "Launcher\EvLog" folder. If you don't want to do that for whatever reason - forget about it and wait for the next version, which might have a fix for your issue or not, though it's not like you can't report it, it's just that if it won't be obvious to me from the first look, then I might simply ignore it until someone with the same problem will be ready to send me the error (some errors might be simply impossible to fix without knowing them).
You have 3 ways, in which you can report your problem:
  1. Public. Start your own thread with a description of your problem THERE. You don't need to include errors from EvLog folder in that post, I'll ask you to send them in PM if they will help to solve the issue.
  2. Private. So far this option is the most commonly used one. Simply send me a PM with description of your problem.
  3. Alternative (for those that don't want to register on this forum). You can try to contact me via one of my publicly known emails, reddit, twitter, youtube, etc. This way will be slower than the other 2 and there is no guarantee that I won't miss it (especially on youtube).
Also note that I might ignore non-issues (like for example FAQ#27).

29)Can I post about my patch/mod on your forum?
Yes, but use an appropriate section for it:
If you'll post it in a non-appropriate section then I might move it to the appropriate section or delete it (especially if you'll keep doing so).
It would be good if you could also tag your project/patch/mod with an appropriate tag, e.g.: something like [Server] Name ([KR] My patch, [All] My mod, etc.).

30)Can I share an external link that will lead to my patch/mod on your forum?
Yes, check out FAQ#29. Also keep in mind that it must be a somewhat related link (like the link to the actual page where people can find your patch/mod, or the page that contains a direct link to the patch/mod files), otherwise I can remove it after receiving reports/complains from other users, and you might get a warning or even banana for sending people to some unrelated web pages (if you want to promote your site add it in your profile page...and don't forget the Rules).

31)I got "Hack detected"/"Unknown hack detected" message. What should I do?
This means that program has run over unexpected "system/external piece of code" and the program should shut down itself to prevent the execution of that thing. There are various reasons why I have decided to do so, but that doesn't prevent you from checking the memory of the program, making memory dumps, checking packets that it sends and many many other things if you want to check how secure and reliable it is and if it doesn't do any harm to you, I just prevent the code injection and that is it.
Now the reason for that message might be very different, let's break it down to some types. If the message is "Hack detected" - simply get lost I'm not going to help you in overcoming that, but if the message is "Unknown hack detected" - that could be caused by various things:
  • OS:
    • I don't own all Win OS versions, so I can't always check the changes in them, especially Win 10. It might be related to some change.
    • Cracked/hacked/modified Win OS. Almost every program uses some part of OS (e.g. some of its files), including mine, so some of modifications could be the cause.
    • Broken Win OS. Pretty much the same thing as the previous one, just that it is unintentionally modified.
  • Software:
    • Antivirus or some other program that sits on the system itself could be messing up with access or trying to inject some code in the program. Sometimes those act worse than viruses if not configured properly.
  • Hacks/Viruses and similar stuff:
    • Endless possibilities here.
Now how would you know what is the case for you, and how to fix that? Simply contact me and send the recorded log (located in "Launcher\EvLog" folder), which will tell me the cause. You can send me either whole folder (preferable if it's not huge) or search the exact log by the datetime. If it is related to OS or Antivirus/some other program I will easily find that out and will update the program with included "fix" for that and/or will help you fixing that in the case of broken/modified OS (if needed), but if it is related to some virus or similar stuff then I'll let you know which one is that, and you'll need to kill it with fire on your own =D

32)My "Launcher\EvLog" folder is huge, why does it take so much space? Can I make it "smaller"?
As I've mentioned at the download page itself:
KAMIKADzE wrote:You might also want to keep track of "Launcher\EvLog" folder, as it might grow quite noticeably over time. This folder contains errors and other info, that might be useful in reporting errors (at this point in time there is no need to report those, unless you fail to patch BDO/mod patches/etc., as I already know what causes most of them), you can safely delete those - it will not influence on the work of program in any way.

The inclusion of the "delete" button was planned from the very beginning, as well as auto-clear feature, but it is not in the highest priority, meanwhile, as you've got from my self-quote - you can safely delete whole folder manually, that won't influence on the work of program in any way.

33)I'm the creator of patch(es) - the game closes after the start when using my patch. Can you help me?
First of all, if you're using Force patching - make sure that you've placed all translation files in correct places. Check THAT thread for an example (Search for "Modify meta forcing game to search in root").
If for your translation you've used RAW translation from another client, or some old translation files, and your client closes after applying that patch - don't worry, it happened because there are differences between clients and/or older patch used as a starting point for your translation.
If for your translation you've used automatic translators - most likely you've broken macroses with them.
In any case - you can find the problems in translation files, that causes the game to shutdown, inside the game's log file "Client_DATETIME.log". They're located in:
  • JP - GameOn\BlackDesert_live\Log
  • KR - Daum Games\Black Desert\Log
  • EU/NA - Black Desert Online\Log
  • RU - BlackDesert\live\Log
  • TW - Pearlabyss\BlackDesert\Log
The most common game-crashing differences between clients and/or their older versions are quests, as developers tend to modify or completely change a couple of quests (usually from 5 to 15 quests) like every 3 month or so (don't ask me why). Start Launcher -> Locate "Tools" in menu and press "BDO Patcher" -> Click on "Advanced" tab -> Load RAW languagedata of the client that you're trying to translate as a base ("Load Base XML" button) and your translation languagedata as Translation ("Load Translation XML") -> Locate "???" in menu and press "CQ" - it will compare quests objectives differences and the result will be saved in "Launcher\BDO\out" folder as GuildQuest_Table.txt and Quest_Table.txt (don't worry - it is fine that they're in different languages and whatnot). If some differences were found then go and fix them in your translation - simply copypaste the correct cell under "~CompleteConditionText" column, or even better - a whole row, since the quest was clearly changed/modified, and replace with it the incorrect one in your translation file, then obviously translate it on your own.
If you need help with identifying the problematic cell in your translation - feel free to contact me via PM or start a thread with your problem at BDO Patcher forum section with a link to the "Client_DATETIME.log" created during your client shutdown, as long as the problems haven't appeared due to automatic translation (I won't help you fixing gazillion of broken macros, just start all over again - it may be even faster that way).

34)Should I recover meta before updating the client, if I've used Force patching method? Why do I need to recover meta file before updating the client, when using Force patching method? What will happen if I'll forget to?
With modified meta, during update, official updater might start rechecking all files, so basically it will take more time to update the client. This won't necessarily happen, and depends on the updater of particular server, for instance JP server don't really distinguish them this days and will update the same way as with the original meta (this might be changed with the next JP updater version, or the next, or the next...well you got the point).

35)Can I get banned for using Force patching method? Can I get banned for updating the client before restoring original meta, when using Force patching method?
Honestly - no idea. It's possible for devs to check it and know about it. Modification of game files means modification of game files, and you do that at your own risk.
That said - I've never heard about anyone getting banned for the reason of using my Full JP patch and/or other "Forced" patches created with Launcher. Also I play with "Forced" patch myself for a long time, and as you can tell I'm still around. If this is not enough to ensure you - simply ignore "Forced" patching/patches.

36)What should I do, if I will be ever banned for the reason in FAQ#35?
First of all - contact the support team of the game, and ask them for the reason, if such wasn't provided to you. If you're using Force patching - that doesn't necessarily mean that if you'll get a banana - it will be due to it (so far I know about complete 0 cases of banana for Force patching).
In case your ban is really for modification of meta - please let me know about that ASAP or post it on the forum, in order to make other players aware of this situation (if you'll post yourself, then you might also wanna omit your account/username, just in case your GMs are monitoring this forum).
The next step would be to pretend that basically you know nothing and the file was probably damaged during update/installation (you know - this might really happen, especially during update, if connection between you and server isn't good enough at that particular time, for example I've used "File rechecking" with JP updater multiple times to fix corrupted game files which were badly downloaded during update, so JP updater doesn't even bother to recheck what it have downloaded, but the game will crash with those corrupted files). The thing is - GMs have no way to identify that, it's not like they have logs of what you do to the files or something like that, so I would be surprised if that would be really the reason in the first place, but as I've said in FAQ#35 - it is possible.
Also I got few questions from players thinking that "Force" translation patching is basically equal to "cheating/hacking tools" - it's not. You see, those "cheating/hacking tools" actually change what you're sending to the server, hence giving you unfair advantage and leaving traces on the server logs, while "Force" translation patching doesn't change anything, but the way your PC interprets what it displays on your screen, that still might be used to gain minimal advantage (e.g. puzzles, quests descriptions, etc.) so that's the only reason why GMs would bother banning someone for this reason, but as I already said - it will be hard for GMs to distinguish and prove that you were using "Force" patching or that is simply a corrupted file.

37) Why "Launcher" name? Couldn't you name it in a more unique way?
The original Launcher project (from v0.1 to v0.5) has started long time ago and served for Launching various MMOs with various parameters (hence its name), created mainly for the DoTA clan members and their friends, later it also got guild news and other things related to DoTA clan, which unlike the rest of functionality could be viewed exclusively by clan members. I understand that at this point Launcher doesn't contain its old functionality yet (starting from v0.6 it was completely rewritten from the ground up), so its name might be confusing, but I plan to return its old functionality at some point in the future.
I'm not considering re-branding it, neither now, nor in the future.

38) How do you earn money on Launcher? What's the catch? Why don't you accept donations?
There's no catch, since ads on the forum barely cover the cost of hosting (and even not always + obvious cost of electricity, PC components, etc. etc.) I understand that it may sound suspicious to you, but that's how it is, it's free for you at my expenses and time (believe it or not some people even demand 1:1 support over teamviewer, and there are WAY more of those than people that understand how things work and find it suspicious that I pay for it and provide any support at all, they're even willing to give me full control over their PC...but don't get me wrong - I reject such demands). Read FAQ#14 - that might clear few of your questions, and so far I haven't sold any non-impersonating information (I doubt that anyone will be interested in that in the future either), and you can always switch off any of the Launcher's network functionality, not use my support (e.g. don't send me any errors, etc.) and browse this forum from the other country on PC Cafe or something like that - in that way you can be 100% sure that I get none of the information on/about you.
As for the donations - I'm not pushing donation buttons right in your face all over the forum, Launcher and patches, but that doesn't mean that I'm not accepting those from persistent people, so far I got a couple of donations from 1 forum member, and that's it. That said - don't expect teamviewer support even for donations (donator can get some benefits on the forum, that is if you're not against joining Donator group, also regardless of joining that group you'll get Gold, which you'll be able to use for various things on the forum, like for example placing your own ads on this forum, and of course you'll be in a higher priority of support). I will probably create a small Donation link to Donation page at the forum header at some point in the future, when I'll add somekind of shop for the gold, I simply don't want for people to feel like they're donating for my progress with Launcher, patch, videos, music, writing or /whatever else that they're donating for, since those are my free time projects, and I don't expect them to pay for my living ever, though if that will happen all of a sudden then I'll have more time to spend on all of those things.

39) Why does it takes so long to update Launcher? Is it so complicated?
Sometime it is complicated indeed, but most of the time the reason is a lot simpler - I just have no time for it, even if we will move all of my personal life aside - I still need to get money out of somewhere, in order to pay for everything (hosting, electricity, PC parts, etc. and even food), this is the price for it being free (I have also touched this in the previous FAQ#38).

40) What is InvoKAMI, how you and Launcher are related to it?
I'm a founder of InvoKAMI. You can look on it as on a group or company. Launcher is a personal project, and it is not related to InvoKAMI, other than being hosted on its domain. That is all that you need to know.

41) How do you make BDO Patcher? Do you work for Pearl Abyss or Black Desert publishers?
No I don't work for any of those and haven't worked with them in the past. I make it using my own research and extensive testing, with a help of volunteers and testers, which can be found on THIS page. Of course this would be a lot easier if I would work with PA, or at least got some info from them, even if "leaked", but no I don't get any help from their side. Look on it from the bright side though - at least they're not "putting sticks in the wheels" (that is, if you exclude constant changes of the way that localization is stored).

42) Can I use patches created with BDO Patcher for commercial use? Is there any clause in license related to any cuts from my commercial revenue?
You don't need my permission to sell your patch(es), it's completely up to you if your patch(es) is under free, paid or subscription model(s). Whether you can or cannot sell patches is up to your local laws, if you're not a lawyer then to be 100% sure contact some lawyer, that knows your local laws, about selling digital items (DO NOT contact me with such questions).
No there are no cuts, royalties, or w.e. else that you need to worry about, there's no need for any sort of attribution either, but if you'll mention Launcher then it would be nice and appreciated. Just don't try to claim that Launcher/BDO Patcher is your software (only your patches are yours) or in any way related to you, and you'll be fine.

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